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Beyond Pine Haven, Anne Bonner

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The Pine Haven Trilogy consists of young adult novels about romance, intrigue and mystery during the Civil War and its aftermath. They were written for children to obtain a better understanding of the war and the effect it had on the south. The stories follow a young lady, Sue Ella from Florida, on her journey to adulthood. Secrets at Pine Haven takes place during the war and deals with the occupation of Union Forces in Jacksonville where Sue Ella receives her very first kiss, teaches slave children to read and unwittingly becomes a Confederate spy. Then Intrigue at Pine Haven takes Florida through Confederate victories and Sue Ella escapes a near death situation, loses family members, has her 17th birthday and decides her life's partner. Beyond Pine Haven is the final book in the trilogy and takes the South through the aftermath of the war while Sue Ella, now a young woman, travels to enemy territory up in the North. A storm at sea and a young maiden's heartache end this heartwarming story and takes the reader beyond Pine Haven. All three are now available for young adult readers. 

ISBN: 1878398776
Paperback, 5 1/2 X 7 1/2, 240 Pages