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Feeling The Love, Anne Bonner

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Elizabeth Anne (Bessie) Williams, a four and twenty year old maiden from Tallahassee, Florida, felt she lived in the shadow of her late talented and rich cousin, Justeen Crawford of Jacksonville, Florida. When Bessie was selected in Justeen’s will to operate Rockmore, the Jacksonville Crawford mansion, and Pinecrest, a cotton plantation outside of Jacksonville, she was overwhelmed. Thinking the servants were there to please her, she had to grow up fast when the Civil War (War Between The States) came to Florida. Her accomplishments gave her a feeling of self-worth. When she began to think of others, she felt their love. Was she destined to be an old-maid at the age of four and twenty? Her cousin, Justeen had been married twice at that age. What happens when she decides to seduce the handsome cowboy at Pinecrest? Could she love the enemy? Look for an surprise ending!

Native Floridian, Anne Bonner, writes about early Florida in Jacksonville. In ANGEL'S TRUE LOVE, Justeen with her maid escapes a cruel stepmother and finds love. FLORIDA FEVER, a passionate love story amidst politics, intrigue and murder. SINFUL LOVE UNDER A BLOOD MOON, Justeen, a racehorse owner, opens an art studio, calling attention to a serial killer. Feeling The Love During the Civil War, the saga continues. Florida had two major battles: Battle of Olustee and Battle of Natural Bridge, which were Southern victories. J.J. Dickison and his band of Rebels from his base in Palatka wreaked havoc along Florida’s shores. A surprise ending! 

ISBN: 9780996306652
Paperback, 5 1/4 X 7 1/2, 188 Pages